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Pumping Efficiency Testing Services (PETS)

Our company has over thirty years of experience in energy efficiency, including ten years of experience working with California Utilities in energy efficiency, alternative energies, conservation and Demand/Power reduction programs. Twenty-seven years of pumping efficiency testing, performing thousands of tests in California, including; high pressure, high velocity systems, and closed loop systems.

We provide pumping efficiency data for:

  • Utility rebate programs Potential efficiency improvement project qualification.
  • Verification of efficiency improvements, confirming results after repair or calibration.
  • Determining required repair, replacement or improvements to your pumping systems.
  • Support a regular maintenance and record keeping program.
  • Calibrate flow and other monitoring equipment.

Benefits from receiving pump testing services:

  • Energy cost savings analysis for utility energy efficiency incentives/rebates.
  • Energy cost savings data to support budget considerations.
  • Testing may be paid for or subsidized utility energy efficiency programs.
  • Substantiate greenhouse gas emissions and reductions accomplished for city, county and state goals.
  • Routine, systematized and on-going program of testing/monitoring for pro-active maintenance based on efficiency data and cost savings.
  • Establish a paper trail/testing documentation for cost effective system improvements and energy savings incentives.

Company History

Pumping Efficiency Testing Services, (PETS), has been monitoring and testing pumping systems and facilities since 1989. PETS owner was part of the Utilities and State Energy Efficiency Programs staff since 1979.

Operational Data For:

  • City Water Utilities
  • County Water Agencies
  • State Water Projects
  • Water Companies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Vineyard and Farm Management Companies
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water Reclamation Projects
  • Reclamation Districts
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Golf Courses
  • Process Pumping