Pumping Efficiency Testing Services (PETS)

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At Pumping Efficiency Testing Services (PETS), we specialize in optimizing the performance of your pumping systems. With over three decades of experience in energy efficiency and twenty-seven years dedicated to pumping efficiency testing, we have conducted thousands of tests across California. Our expertise includes high-pressure, high-velocity, and closed-loop systems. As a trusted PG&E APEP subcontractor, we provide detailed pump testing and energy cost-saving analysis to ensure your operations run at peak efficiency, helping you save on energy costs while maintaining optimal performance.

Comprehensive Well Testing Services

Pumping Efficiency Testing Services (PETS) provides a range of well testing services to ensure optimal performance and compliance with regulatory standards. Our expertise includes:

  • Rossum Sand Testing: Accurate measurement of sand content in well water to assess and maintain well health.
  • Well Pumping Drawdown Yield Data: Detailed analysis of well drawdown and yield to optimize water production and efficiency.

Flow Meter Verification Testing Services

At PETS, we offer comprehensive Flow Meter Verification Testing services to ensure accurate and reliable water usage reporting. Our services include:

  • State and Regulatory Reporting: Verification of flow meters for wells, water use, reservoir usage, and water table level monitoring.
  • Water Loss Program: Implementation and monitoring to minimize water loss.
  • State Report Cards: Assisting city water departments with accurate state reporting.
  • Water Utility Interties: Verification for water districts and other water utilities.

Pumping Efficiency Data Services

At PETS, we provide comprehensive pumping efficiency data for various applications, including:

  • State Grant Programs: Identify potential energy efficiency improvements and qualify for load reduction projects meeting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Program requirements.
  • Engineering Firms: Support regular maintenance contracts for city or water district operations.
  • Real Estate Sales/Engineering Due Diligence: Assess wells and pumping systems for real estate transactions.
  • System Evaluation: Determine necessary repairs, replacements, or operational improvements for pumping systems.
  • Maintenance Support: Facilitate regular maintenance and record-keeping programs.
  • Equipment Calibration: Calibrate flow meters and other monitoring equipment.
  • Efficiency Verification: Confirm efficiency improvements post-repair or calibration, ensuring sustained performance.

Benefits of Pump Testing Services

At PETS, our pump testing services offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Energy Cost Savings Analysis: Identify opportunities for utility energy efficiency incentives and rebates.
  • Budget Support: Provide energy cost savings data to inform budget decisions.
  • Subsidized Testing: Leverage utility energy efficiency programs to subsidize or cover testing costs.
  • GHG Emissions Reduction: Document and substantiate greenhouse gas emissions reductions for city, county, and state goals.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Implement routine, systematized testing and monitoring for proactive maintenance based on efficiency data and cost savings.
  • Documentation: Establish a paper trail and testing documentation for cost-effective system improvements and energy savings incentives.

Water Utility Operational Data Services

Our water utility operational data services cater to a wide range of clients, including:

  • City Water Utilities
  • County Water Agencies
  • State Water Projects
  • Water Companies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Vineyard and Farm Management Companies
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water Reclamation Projects
  • Reclamation Districts
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Golf Courses
  • Process Pumping

Agricultural Pump Efficiency Testing

Our agricultural pump efficiency testing services include:

  • Water Table Level Monitoring: Regular monitoring to assess water table levels.
  • Efficiency Testing: Regular tests to determine pump efficiency drop-off and identify when replacement or repair is needed.
  • Pump Deterioration Analysis: Compare pump deterioration to its operational effect on efficiency.
  • Operational Effects: Analyze pump output/GPM at given pressures and efficiency.
  • Multi Point Testing: Conduct fully loaded performance tests under varied operational efficiencies.
  • Irrigation Scheduling: Optimize irrigation scheduling based on efficiency data.
  • VFD Applicability: Determine if a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is suitable for varied operating conditions.
  • CDFA SWEEP Grant Compliance: Ensure compliance with CDFA SWEEP Grant application requirements.
  • Water Usage Reporting: State and County well water usage reporting.
  • Flow Meter Testing: Conduct flow meter tests for state and county reporting of wells and reservoirs.