What We Do

  • bob3Pump test and facilities equipment operational data.
  • Operating efficiency of pumping systems and facilities equipment reports.
  • Pump output, flow rates.
  • Equipment HP draw under load, electrical input.
  • Operating pressures and head.
  • Water table levels.
  • RPM readings.
  • Other data required for systems efficiency improvements.

Energy Cost Savings Report:

  • Current operating costs.
  • Potential energy cost savings.
  • Accomplished energy savings.

Utilization of the Pump test and Monitoring Data:

  • Substantiate energy usage and savings for utility and state energy efficiency programs.
  • Regular maintenance program, data with current operating conditions.
  • Information to determine pump, well and equipment replacement, calibration or repair needs.
  • Determining pump performance drop off.
  • Provide pumping system operational efficiency data to be utilized by water companies to determine the necessity of repairs or replacement of a system, to affirm the systems' desired improvements as a result of repairs, to calibrate flow and other monitoring equipment and to facilitate a regular maintenance and record keeping program.



  • bob1Pump tests provide information to make decisions about your pumping system.
  • Substantiate the need for repairs or to determine that work done has effected the desired results.
  • To calibrate or confirm monitoring equipment accuracy.
  • Facilitate maintenance.

Pump Test Data

  • Operating efficiently of your pumping systems.
  • Report data includes - pump output, hp draw underload, operating pressures, water tables, and much more.

Utilization of the Pump Test data:

  • Regular maintenance program, data with current operating conditions.
  • Information to determine pump/well replacement or repair needs.
  • Determining budgeting for upcoming maintenance of pumping systems.
  • Engineering and Pump Company design data.
  • Determining pump performance drop off.


Company History

Pumping Efficiency Testing Services, (PETS), has been monitoring and testing pumping systems and facilities since 1989. PETS owner was part of the Utilities and State Energy Efficiency Programs staff since 1979.

Operational Data For:

  • City Water Utilities
  • County Water Agencies
  • State Water Projects
  • Water Companies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Vineyard and Farm Management Companies
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water Reclamation Projects
  • Reclamation Districts
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Golf Courses
  • Process Pumping